Help for those who soured on Life and have turn to hurting others. Stop the self destruction. 

Beware of Apostate Dubs @    It FALSELY  STATES Welcome to the Jehovah's Witness Discussion Forum | JW.Org Community Information.  It is a hatred filled site.  BEWARE, it is riddled with Hate Speech and Racism.

AVOID the website at is an Apostate Site, not a website which has accumulated many disgruntled JW's that have an axe to grind and they are looking for innocent blood.  Many are disfellowshiped, inactive, or have written the WTS rejecting the Blood of Christ and then took to slandering the Holy Name of Jehovah. They offer a save haven for other anti-christians from various denominations to associate with them. I was trying to share the Word of God to anyone willing to listen even a heathen.  However, the owner of this website Simon refuses to allow active Jehovah’s Witnesses to participate in sharing JW beliefs.  I hurt his pride when I told him, “You couldn’t handle me in a honest debate.”  Even though they asked me if I was a 'N' word over and over again, I kept my composure. They deleted all the nasty postings concerning me. However, in response he wrote to his Klan:<~~~ Hate Speech still on their Website

“If you start replying to them, or even worse, taking the messages they have sent to you directly and posting them publicly then you are amplifying what they do and doing their work for them - you become part of the problem. So please ignore them - their content is easily and quickly removed.” Simon (I believe he is the owner of the apostate site Looking up his history he tends not to play well with others. Hateful Site  Simon the Cult Leader

This so called inclusive website that pretends to be open to anyone willing to discuss JW beliefs is actually a cult and hate group that has banned me thinking I was a nigerian and they refuse to allow its' hate members to listen to another opinion. I guess he's afraid of losing membership on his apostate site?  This is called shunning. Forcing demands on his members to follow him. This ex Dub reminds me of David Koresh the Cult Leader in Waco.  

Here's the issue, when JWS get disfellowedshiped, its' for wrong doing. An announcement is made to the Congregation that so and so is no longer a Jehovah's Witness. The elders work with law enforcement if a crime is committed, however, the congregations are not privy to the sins that they have committed.  Birds of a feather often flock together, so it would not surprise me if some may have cause atrocities against humanity. You look at the News and you see that Child Abuse Cases is all over the media.  However, the media tends to drag Jehovah's Name into it.  The truth of the matter is these are ex-dubs also known as apostates who have denied the faith and have been abandoned

What does this mean? They have been thrown outside into Satan's World. Yes, handed over to Satan for Destruction. "Outside are the dogs and those who practice spiritism and those who are sexually immoral and the murderers and the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices lying." (Rev 22:)  They have been removed from the Congregation. However, they tend to look for new victims outside the Congregation to perpetrate by meeting in Ex Dub Apostate sites such as with vulgar and racists language. The is so vulgar they rejected and banned the following article using vulgar language to put it politely.  The problem with this site is that kids can easily access it.  

Warning: Sample of Vulgar content below.  AVOID the website at is an Apostate Site, not a website and its members openly use the 'N' word and is Full of Racists and White Supremacy. It qualifies as a Hate Group. It really should be de-platformed and its members should be investigated.  

I don't think Google or its ISP has any intention of shutting this Hatred DownThank you for reading. Don’t allow this charlatan to continue to control your thoughts and actions. PLEASE SOMEONE IN AUTHORITY SHUT THIS EVIL SITE DOWN AT