Are Jehovah’s Witness A Religious Ponzi Scheme?

Most people know what a ponzi scheme is, but here are the basics of it: You need a scheme, you need investors who will fund this scheme, you need more investors to repay the initial investors plus interest, and then you need even more investors to repay those ones (and on and on), you need to not get caught or have suspicious investors call you out on it. But even if you do all this, unless you have some sort of legitimate business on the side, the interest will gradually pile up, you will be unable to repay investors, and then you will end up in jail.
Wait. How can Jehovah’s Witness leaders be running a ponzi scheme? Are they not a bonafide religion that has been around for over 130 years? And even if you get down to the basics, are they not supported by freedom of religion laws?

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