BWW Q&A- Jon and Nath Like to Party – hottest Jehovah’s Witness act in town

Jon& Nath Like To Party is a mischievous new sketch comedy show from two best friends who can’t stand each other – Jon Levene & Nathan Lang. Action-packed sketch, crackling satire, outrageous impressions and some pretty hardcore physical comedy – including the hottest Jehovah’s Witness act in town. Imagine the pace and characters of The Fast Show crossed with the very real slapstick of Bottom. This is not post-graduate revue-style sketch comedy, it’s our own distinctive act with a mixture of some very clever bits (like our sci-fi robot sketch and satire on hipster restaurants) and some visceral bits (Nath’s impression of himself and Jon’s dancing are becoming legendary for all the wrong reasons).–Jon-and-Nath-Like-to-Party-20170801