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Jehovahs Witnesses org and the Watchtower Bible and tract Society are becoming more in the worlds spot light as people start to wake up to the TATT (Truth about The Truth).

The Failed Prophecy and teachings of the 1890’s, 1900’s, 1975, and now in 2015 the failed arrival of Christ at the 100th year of his invisible rule signal another massive failure that is being brushed away with NEW LIGHT.
The Organization has isolated those whom it considered Christs Brothers the Anointed Class to nothing more than mere workers in the street. These anointed ones do not even have a say in how the current organization is run,  only a few selected men the Governing Body control the entire multi billion $$$ empire that has now been re-branded and called Running along Similar lines to the Mormons and their website even down to the Cartoons for children.

The Generation that saw 1914 and was told that would NOT pass away, has passed away!. New Policies to cover this false prophecy include an overlapping generation designed in an effort to keep the cash cow running.
It was stated that if the funding flow into the organization ever dried up then it would be time to stop preaching, that hint hasn’t been accepted as the Governing body’s Need to Stay has directed the WTBTS of whom they claim that they don’t have any control over to build themselves a Huge Palace in Warwick, New York.
Kingdom Hall Sell offs and Branch Sell offs world wide show this organization to be in serious decline.
Publications are moving into a digital era with JW TV now operational and members told to buy and use ipads and the like to access the new website. All the while the property sales are continuing with huge amounts coming into the coffers, Yet at no point has the WTBTS ever opened the books to show its investments or the amount invested Globally thought to enter into the billions.

Law Suits are becoming a regular event and many are not ok with sexual predators having a free access inside congregations and no warnings given to members.

The Australian Royal Commission into Child Abuse has been an eye opener to the world with the information that over 1000 abuses were not reported to the police since the 1950’s.

In another part of the world the UK Charity Commission is investigating the charities of the UK for failing to protect children within the congregations form know abusers.

The Idolatry Worship now shown via and the accessories being traded within the rank and file membership smack of a golden calf situation and an advertising attempt to draw more cash contributions to the organization.


These Links show these things to be occurring globally within the Jehovahs Witness organization,, enjoy the information and welcome your comments!