Judge’s jail warning to former Jehovah’s Witness Derek O’Hare, banned from all Kingdom Halls in the UK

Derek O’Hare has led a campaign against the religious group in Dover and Deal after an acrimonious bust-up a couple years ago.

John Fitzgerald, defending, said O’Hare had parted company with the organisation “on acrimonious terms” and he was disfellowshipped – meaning he was ostracised by other members.

“He found it difficult to swallow and they kicked him out. For him this wasn’t mindless religious abuse. He didn’t want to cause pain, suffering, alarm and distress. It wasn’t done out of malice.”



  1. I think this Judge has No idea of the devastating stress put on Shunned Disfellowshiped EX Members. The Poor Guys wife is still inside this CULT, She is instructed by her loving elders to Shun Him as though he is DEAD. She is instructed to look to the new system where he husband will no longer be alive – killed by a just & loving god!. Enough to send anyone crazy!. He stood shouting at them!,, Holding a banner, and they couldn’t take it!…and yet they are allowed to harrass ex members and shun them like dogs, separating even children from parents support. This Cult needs stopping.

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