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Proud, an ardent Jehovah’s Witness

There is not a single radio talk show that Proud does not call to make a contribution. And like his name, he is proud of how his contributions have helped change lives in the community he lives.
Born in 1965, of Dickson Sichaba and Aquino Kabongola in Maileni village, Nega-Nega area, in Southern Province, Proud, who prefers to be called ‘Dr Proud’ styles himself as a social and political commentator.
“Being a social and political commentator has helped hold many leaders accountable in the communities. In fact, I cannot count the numerous things that have changed in my community Garden township just by being a commentator and regularly calling radio stations and airing my views on various topics being discussed which are affecting Zambians,” he says.
The love to contribute to radio talk shows began when he lived in Matero. According to Proud, he played chess in Matero with Trevor Simumba listening to Kenneth Maduma on Radio Phoenix.

At the end of the day, Proud, an ardent Jehovah’s Witness has fun doing it all!

Hello: This is Dr Proud speaking