Truth behind Buderim mum’s rejection of gay son

Mr Spinks said many Jehovah’s Witnesses had family members who weren’t part of the faith, he himself did, and there was nothing to stop them remaining close and attending special ceremonies.

“You can still have a close relationship with your children if they are not Jehovah Witnesses,” Mr Spinks said.

“Most of my family are not Jehovah’s Witnesses.

“Most of us have relatives and friends (outside the church) and we would go to their weddings.”

Mr Spinks said it was for Yvonne to decide personally whether she wanted to attend her son’s wedding.

“To my knowledge, she never asked anyone about it,” Mr Spinks said.

“We have no interest in intervening in the personal decisions people make within the family.”

As for homosexuality, Mr Spinks said Jehovah’s Witnesses would not “try to dictate to other people what’s appropriate”.