Vintage Freemason Compilation Collinsworth Family Album – Charles T. RUSSEL – Freemason Commander

Compilation of Freemason, Knight’s Templar photos, symbols, and facts, also includes photos of Knight’s Of The Maccabees and membership documentation. Collinsworth family album.

First link is Start

Second Link is actual page where Charles T Russel is mentioned as Past Commander.


  1. Having noted your comment, I used facial recognition software on the image you provided, the both show as C.T. Russel. The beard is similar however missing the growth extension below the lip. It seems rather strange that the Vintage Freemason Compilation Collinsworth Family Album would go to such lengths and photo shop a face on an old image?. Perhaps you can also locate the Original Image for reference?.

  2. Just in case anyone else runs across this post, the document is fake. The Charles T. Russell isn’t Charles Taze Russell. There is a separate Charles T. Russell from Isabella County Michigan.

    The photo on the following page is clearly photoshopped. When something is too good to be true, it probably is. I found the inserted facial image. Here is the comparison. Note the exact beard imperfections, the poor cutout lines.